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Eucalyptus Pale art prints


Find limited edition, hand-signed art prints of the botanical collection can be found here.

Plants to me were a chance to prove to myself that I could commit to keeping something alive! The relationship had looked like this; water all the plants regularly at similar intervals and hope for the best. Slowly I started to become more aware of any small signs of change, a droopy leaf here, a yellowing leaf there. Make note of these signs and adapt the care for each plant, creating slightly more complicated scheduling for watering and pruning. (I had about 20 plants to care for now!) Was it a bit more work than I had originally thought? Yes. Even so, was it worth it? Yes! I had inadvertently grown an effortless awareness of their needs and felt somehow like what I did mattered.

In growing this awareness for the plants, something amazing happened. One day I had come home from work, and I felt exhausted as you may do sometimes too. I went to start watering the plants and thought hang on, I always care for the plants without question and happily so. However, when it came to myself I have always had to earn any kind of nurturing or care.

Do you ever feel this way; that you are so much more conditional when it comes to showing love and care to yourself, in ways you would never do to a friend, child, dog or even a plant? This is why I painted the botanical collection which you can see above. They are a reminder that you are worthy of the same level of care you are giving to your plants, if not more so! However if you were like me, maybe you aren’t used to seeing it that way. And that is ok, it’s about practice. And the best way to practice something is to be reminded of it.

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