How to grow inner softness, even if you value being the hardest

Pale art print Lucia Fryett

Here you can find a signed, limited edition Pale art print.

Pale was painted to commemorate the idea of softness. Through the visual reminder of the delicacy of nature, the thought of softness will be ever-present in your life. By being made aware of this idea, the art can forever aid you in returning to softness, when the pulls of modern life lure you towards hardness.

Softness is an idea that I originally learned in Yoga, as maybe you have done too. On the yoga mat was the first experience I had of a workout that strengthened my body whilst actually feeling restorative. This is through the 'reading' of your own body and instead of 'smashing your latest' you act with intrigue for the states that your muscles are in that day. Yoga is yet another wonderful way to grow your inner softness that will positively feed into other aspects of your life in a quietly powerful way. 

What does hardness look like?

The things to step away from and actively reduce.

  • Doing a high-intensity workout when you feel run down, instead of choosing the middle ground and doing a softer version of the workout that you’d had originally planned.
  • Pushing through all the tasks that other people (or yourself) are expecting you to do that day. Rather than choosing the top must do’s and then letting anyone else know that they must wait a few days longer than expected - and doing this without judgment.

What does softness look like?

Start with just one, per week to actively add to your life or better yet, think of one of your own.

  • Leaving a whole day or evening free with absolutely no plans and then guarding that open schedule as much as you would any other important plan. Write it in your calendar if need be - A soft day pass!
  • Instead of cycling, driving or getting the bus, walk to a reasonable destination. You’ll allow your mind and body the time to breathe and move.
  • Going to bed 30 minutes earlier than planned, just because you can!


More on the practice of Self-compassion can be found here.

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