How do we become healers?


Yoga Art Print Lucia Fryett

This week I went to a TEDx event at Slottsparken and the conference was full of the most inspired and well executed public speakers I have ever seen! The theme was that of transformation, the focus on larger difficult questions for our society, with a specific focus on the climate crisis. I gained affirming messages from the speakers that I wanted to share with you because of all the benefits it can bring to you personally and everyone collectively. That message is the power of healing ourselves in order to heal our planet. 


If you want to heal the planet you have start with yourself first

The speaker who beautiful offered this affirming message was Polo l. Pilz. He works in India helping to set up renewable energy sources in developing villages. His original craft was carpentry and when he moved to India he started Buddhist practices of meditation. What he claims is due to the use of these practices, his effect on our planet became so much greater than he could have imagined before. He now helps villages in India build solar farms and large scale storage facilities for the renewable energy produced.

He spoke of the link yoga (healing ourselves) and being able to heal the planet. This -he explained- is because neuroplasticity in our brains reduces after the age of 25. This is directly linked to our ability to change - ever heard the phrase ' you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!'. An extremely effective way to counteract the loss of neuroplasticity is Yoga and Meditation. This is because it helps to keep the brain open to significant change no matter what stage of life we are in.

Before meditating I never knew the idea of manifesting. It only started on the long journey of meditation (to deal with anxiety). Yoga and meditating help with the connection of the self. Peace comes from the union of the thoughts to your words to your actions. It has a profound connection between what we think on the inside and what manifests on the outside world.

Yoga and meditation also makes us better earthmates! When you can accept your inner experience, you tend to be more accepting and less uncomfortable with other people’s realities. It’s all just water rolling off the skin. You become aware of all that you have through meditation. And therefore are happy to think more about what you can offer back. So by more neighborly feelings, we can work together to solve this crisis as its too complicated to solve alone.


"When I change myself I will change the world." Polo I. Pilz


On the 21st of June, it is worlds yoga day that was adopted by the UN. The idea was put forward by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his UN speech, calling yoga India's gift to the world and suggesting the spiritual aspects of Yoga can provide a solution to climate change.

I am on a mission to spread more awareness about how we can heal ourselves and the planet 🌎. Mainly because everyone deserves to feel the benefits of mindfulness practice and that includes future earthlings. If you want to start a practice of healing, or you want to commemorate your practice, I can offer you a handmade artwork that will bring a gentle reminder to you of the power of healing. A percentage of your purchase will be used to fund the building of solar power in developing villages. It is a way to assist the healing of yourself as well as healing the planet. 

Have a healing week! 

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