How self compassion will bring you the meaning you’re yearning for


The journey we mostly find ourselves on is set out. The steps laid out by people having done them before you. This being coupled with a general consensus of expectedness from those around you. But, meaning is an unwritten path. That is why it’s so much more difficult to embark upon.

In the last story, I shared an exercise to grow your self-compassion. The thing is, as I explained there, self-compassion is like a sea that rushes out as rivers and then streams across all aspects of your life. The stream that I want to speak about here is your life’s meaning.

It takes knowing yourself to embark on the road less traveled. That road being the one headed for the meaning you may be yearning for. Michelle Obama expressed in her book her own challenge after having completed the steps she was supposed to do. She had ‘checked the boxes’ but felt a deep lack of meaning. This is the result of taking actions for outward reasons and is, I believe a natural and healthy realisation to have. In order to then step back inwards to the self, you always knew was there, but you were taught to second guess, in favour of outward certainty. Even if it may seem indulgent to some, meaning is a fundamental and critical thing.

This is why getting to know yourself is the key towards consequently doing what you find meaningful. The way to, therefore, get to know yourself is to raise your self-compassion. By raining down with small drops of self-compassion, eventually, your meaning will start to flow.

You can find an exercise on growing your self-compassion here.

And my artwork on self-compassion can be found here.

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