I forgot to be kind to myself but art helps me remember

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Lessons for me, have always been best solidified through artwork, a visual memory that encapsulates beauty, something worth being reminded of. The lesson I want to highlight is that of self-compassion or medkänsla in Swedish. If you aren’t sure what this entails (like I didn’t, not too long ago) it is a practice of being kind to yourself. It is an element of our psyche which can be the difference between hopelessness and happiness. This piece of art is a way to remember to be kind to ourselves. A visual reminder that supports any practice of self-compassion.

Self-compassion exercise:

  1. You’re rushing through the day, this morning seems so long ago. Pause and regroup, just put down the thing you are doing and stop. This will take practice.
  2. Turn your awareness inwards and listen to the dialogue in your head. Notice the phrases or the speed of the thoughts, how do they sound?
  3. With compassion, build an understanding of the thoughts and yourself. It might take one brick at a time, but just try because one drop of kindness is all you need right now. Think more understanding, and less judgment.
  4. Like you would for a child, think of what basic need can you give to yourself right now? Prioritise that gift, and do it immediately. Such as confirmations or taking a walk, by doing this you will not only feel better in the short term but also build a new trust with yourself.

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