Spring inspiration 2019

Spring is giving me new lightness and inspiration! When I start to feel inspired I take pictures and start sketching shapes that I am drawn to. I also track down colours that keep catching my attention so that I can incorporate them into my next series of art. Here is a visual diary and scrapbook mix for spring 2019. 

Earthy tones

In April we stayed at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin and their lounge area was somewhat of a Japanese, low to the floor, nude-toned heaven. Distressed cream walls were everywhere in Berlin - and it really creates a natural earthy but clean feel. 



Peach and coral pink

A really nice compliment to these golden tones is that of coral pink, it also brings with it a forced vibe of summer - but who can blame you in Scandinavia? 14 degrees and waiting..


I didn’t know until this spring but I am a sucker for a pile of rocks. 

Is there any new objects or colour schemes you’re bringing being drawn to? If you would like to, share below! 

And whilst you're here...

This April I’ve been determinrd to find a way to deliver prints in a of range sizes and at last they are now up in the online shop 💪🏽

Once you’ve found a design, you can customize it to a size that fits a frame or your space perfectly.

If you would like, you can read more about why the Botanical series was painted here.


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