The New Jars Series

Jars series - Lucia Fryett ArtI am so excited to show you this new series of originals coming to the site tomorrow! These babies have been brewing for the last few weeks, and I am so pleased with how they came out. The series' focus is CALMING summer vibes and the peace this season brings. I wanted to capture a part of the summer warmth that you can hang up in a space and it manifest this energy all year round. 


Jars series - Lucia Fryett Art 


Each of these pieces has been made by hand, planned, sketched, painted, cut and glued. Some didn't make the final selection, and now the ones that are left are only the best, each with their own story to tell. Pick a piece of art that represents you and your soul to feel in tune and at peace in your space.   

Jars Series - Lucia Fryett Art

These collages are made with high-quality materials and their colours pop strongly in any space. If you choose to purchase one of these artworks, your new artwork will be packaged carefully with liquid proof plastic and then sent in a cardboard envelope that is mightily strong. These packages are designed to not fold and be weatherproof!

 Jars Series Lucia Fryett Art

This series will be landing here on the shop tomorrow, yay! If you are signed up to the inner circle mailing list you will have access Thursday 27 June at 9 am CET.

Everything goes up on the regular site at 9 am CET on Friday 28 June. If you want early access.. sign up to the inner circle on the homepage and you will receive the email with early access tomorrow :).

Have a beautiful, sunny Wednesday lovely! 



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