Dare to go through the darkness

Lucia Fryett Art


Yesterday I faced a fear of mine. I dared to distance swim out in ocean water. I’ve always loved swimming but the darkness of deep water terrifies me - of not knowing what’s out there.

With the help of two friends who led the way, I tentatively jumped in. I focussed on the stroke and on my breath, not daring to look down into the depths. And with my friends swimming in front, I followed and began to forget about my fear. I was in the moment and just feeling the sensations of the water.

Eventually, we decided to swim out to the buoy, and as I reached it, I looked down into the darkness of the water and there I saw a beautiful light shining, penetrating the water. It shone and moved in the water’s current and pierced through the darkness with such strength, it was a light I had never seen before. The dark monsters that I imagined were nowhere to be seen, as usual, my expectancy of fear was so much worse than the thing itself.

The thing I thought was so dark and unknown held beauty I never knew was possible, that I was only ever able to see this beauty by going into it head first. I was holding myself back until I pushed through the fear.

 Daring to swim

What fears have you been facing and learning from? Can you set out to face them this week? 

The painting included in this blog post has been sold. There are more original pieces, made with love, available here.

Have a lovely week!


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