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Welcome to the new website for Lucia Studio. Thank you for dropping by and spending some time here. I am Lucia and I have been drawing and painting for a long while, so long that I started to wonder, I really enjoy this but what is it for? Everyone has heard about finding your passion but to me, art couldn't be that, I mean.. it's too much fun to do this every day? Well, this new site has been a long trial and error of trying to do the thing I love and make something concrete out of it. To share this private thing I do at home with you has also been a growing process that has culminated into this site (small steps at a time!). I hope that along the way I can even show you that it is possible to do something every day that you love doing.
     Plants are something I draw a lot. That's because they symbolise something important. The wonderous Dolly Parton whose song 'Wildflowers' is a metaphor of wildflowers being resilient people, who can always grow no matter where they find themselves. Any plant lover waters their plants without any preconditions, so why not give freely to ourselves and each other in the same way?
   This is why I draw them a lot, they are beautiful and natural and seeing them reminds me to 'water myself' freely without expectations. I think that is an important message that we can need reminding of sometimes, to give freely without judgment to yourself and others.


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