About Lucia Fryett


I am originally from the countryside in England. I moved to Sweden to study a degree in design at Mid-Sweden University. I was unfortunately told - like so many young people - that art isn't worth pursuing. After studying with a focus on furniture and product design I gave up the idea of a career as an artist, drawing predominantly for myself.

Until one day a friend saw my art and lovingly pushed me to print out some of the drawings on postcards and try to sell them on a street market. They were met with a (surprisingly to me) positive reaction. Ever since that day I have understood that the artwork I make is valuable and worth sharing, that it can be a way to bring love into a space.

Since then I have been working as a designer and artist in Malmö. I handmake art pieces to feed life and brightness into spaces. Whether that be a pop of colour to bring a visual center to the room, or art that subtly compliments the space with calming colours and textures. The art pieces are unique and made with love.